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I Intent

II Documentation

III Material Certification

IV Receiving Inspection

V First Piece Inspection

VI In-Process Inspection

VII Final Inspection

VIII Authorized Deviation

IX Shipping


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I. Intent:

TEKE Machine Corp. shall provide and maintain an inspection system which will assure that the articles shipped to its customers conform to all the requirements and specifications of each applicable Purchase Order. This inspection system shall provide an organized inspection and test effort supported by recorded evidence of quality from procurement of raw materials and parts through the delivery of the completed articles. (return to top)

II. Documentation:

An Inspection and Test Report listing the prescribed value and allowed tolerance of each dimension and measurable characteristic contained in the drawing for each article shall accompany each job through each operation. Conformance of actual measurement may be indicated by a check-off; actual out-of-tolerance measurements and the amount of variations from the bases are to be stated and a specific reference made to any prior approval. In addition, the report shall list all "notes" appearing on the drawings, and all similar type instructions written into the order, and show positive indication that the work was performed in accordance with each of them.

All inspections will be recorded on this form as they are completed. This will serve as both an in-process and final inspection documents. (return to top)

III. Material Certification:

A Certificate stating that supplier-furnished raw materials contained in each article satisfy all specification requirements shall be provided.

Physical and chemical test reports of such materials shall be kept on file.
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IV. Receiving Inspection:

All component parts and materials purchased from an outside supplier will be inspected upon receipt. Inspection results will be recorded on the job Inspection report form. All outside finishing operations (painting, plating, heat treating, etc.) must be inspected prior to shipment to the customer. (return to top)

V. First Piece Inspection:

Inspection of "First Piece" samples will be performed 100% on all dimensions using standard tools and gauges when necessary. Records of such inspections will be maintained on the job Inspection Report. (return to top)

VII. In-Process Inspection:

In process inspection is conducted as necessary to detect and correct any problem which will in any way affect the production of a high quality end product. First piece runs, on all new lots, must be inspected. If this piece meets acceptable limits, production must be halted until necessary corrections are made. Items, which are not acceptable, will be immediately brought to the attention of the operator's supervisor or designated Inspector who will ensure they are removed from the production process. (return to top)

VIII. Final Inspection:

Final Inspection must be performed prior to any item being released for shipment. A Formal sampling plan will be used to determine sample sizes for a given lot. All results of this inspection will be recorded on the job Inspection Report Form and will include 100% inspection of samples. The final inspection will not only include all dimensional verification, but a review also of over-all contractual requirements, general processing instructions and other information relative to the project. (return to top)

IX. Authorized Deviation:

Any material, identified as being out of specification, by any inspector, will not be accepted for shipment unless a deviation has been obtained from the customer. Normally, telephone conversations or verbal instructions do not constitute authority to ship. (return to top)

X. Shipping:

Material accepted by final inspection will be identified by the Inspector sign-off of the Inspection Record as ready for shipment.

Supervision is responsible for the adequacy of the method of packaging to insure no material damage during shipping or handling.

Customer packaging specifications will be followed when provided.
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